"Be careful who you vent to."

— Realest shit I’ve heard all morning. (via corivicious)

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overstressed and underfucked.

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I’m sad and all I want to do is sleep.

If You Lead…


You wouldn’t wait for me,
but for some reason-
I’m still inclined,
to always wait for you.
The way you eyes brightened,
when I caught up to you
had me thinking you were
hoping I’d follow.
But I can’t keep chasing
after smiles
when I’m not sure
if they’re really meant
for me.

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"It was probably my fault"

— Me about basically everything (via fuck-the-fuckabouts)

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Sensual Love Blog




the best 


Me as a dad

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"Ok so why the fuck….."

— Usually said by someone who is about to make a valid point while simultaneously asking you a rhetorical question (via guy)

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"Anything you want in love you should have. If you want someone to send you flowers just because it’s Tuesday, you should have that. If you want someone to write you love letters, you should have that. If you want someone who looks at you like the sun rises and sets because of you, you should have that. In life, we often have to settle for “okay” or “good enough”, love should not be one of those things."

— c.h.dixon  (via aprilbrown33)

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"I could write a fucking novel about the ache of missing you."

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"I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say."

— Flannery O’Connor (via psych-facts)

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Four in the morning sadness.

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